Featured Donors

Donors to the North Carolina Lions Foundation, Inc. come from all walks of life. They recognize the importance of the work that we do on behalf of all of the residents in our North Carolina communities.

The Rays of Hope Society

  • South Iredell Lions Club
  • Robert William and Margaret Settle Joyce
  • William R. “Bill” and Donna Udovich
  • Robert B. Lineberger
  • Donald G. Glisson
  • Transco Carolina’s Classic

A Brighter Future Society

  • Betty S. Shaver

The Brighter Visions Fund

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Memorials & Honorariums

As Lions we collectively enrich the lives of those blind and visually impaired, offer needed services for those less fortunate in each community and a hallmark of continuous support of research for health related issues concerning vision and overall wellness of all our citizens. Your gift will help us to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Contributions may be made in memory of a loved one or a friend. A personal card (without the dollar amount) will be sent to the family acknowledging your contribution.

Honorariums are a great way to express appreciation or to acknowledge an accomplishment. They may be given to individuals or business. A personal card (without the dollar amount) will be sent acknowledging your contribution.

Memorials and Honorariums are a lasting and caring gift that is appreciated by the family or recipient.

Download the Memorial Form
Download the Honorarium Form

North Carolina Lions Ambassador

The North Carolina Lions Ambassador Fund was established in 2017 to promote and assist in funding programs and services of the North Carolina Foundation, Incorporated. A North Carolina Lions Ambassador is a progressive recognition with five (5) levels available to any donor who wishes to support the outreach services and programs of North Carolina Lions Foundation, Incorporated for a tax-deductible donation of US $500.00 for each level. This recognition is available to everyone and may be purchased individually or presented by individuals, clubs, or family members. The Ambassador will be awarded to a named individual who shall receive a Letter of Appreciation from the President of North Carolina Lions, Incorporated with a Certificate and one (1) special lapel Pin indicating the appropriate Ambassador Level.

After an individual has obtained an initial Ambassador for a $500.00 donation, installments of $250.00 each may be made toward a Progressive North Carolina Lions Ambassador. Installment payments must be completed within two (2) years from the date of the first installment.

All North Carolina Lions Ambassador funds will be placed in a non-restricted account and shall be a major source for funding North Carolina Lions, Incorporated services and programs.

No Brighter Visions credit will be given to Lions Clubs for NC Lions Ambassador contributions.

Jack Stickley Fellowships

The Jack Stickley Fellowship is an honored and cherished award given to its recipient. While honoring a special person, it also helps North Carolina Lions provide more services to those in need.

This recognition program is available to everyone. Lions and non-Lions may become a Jack Stickley Fellow. It can be presented by individuals, clubs, employers, family members or bought personally. It is ideal to recognize accomplishments, service, friendship, memorials, honorariums, or any special occasion.

All Fellowship funds are placed in an endowment with only the interest being used by the North Carolina Lions Foundation, Inc. The long-term goal is to generate enough money in the Fellowship endowment for the interest to cover all of the NCLF’s administrative costs. This will allow every dollar raised by the North Carolina Lions to be spent on services for blind, visually and hearing impaired.

Current List of Member Awards

Jack Stickley Fellowship Application

Past Stickley Fellowship honors

Renee Abernathy
B. J. Abernethy
Frank B. Abernethy
Edward I. Adams
Marion Adams
Chris Adams
Wayne Adams
W. Thomas Adams
Thomas F. Adams, Jr.
Leo F. Aiken
James W. Albright
Dennis Alcock
Robert G. Aldous
Allen Aldridge
J. Atwell Alexander
Neal Alexander
Charles R. Alexander
Richard Thomas Alexander, III
Nancy A. Allen
R. Terry Allen
Heather M. Allen
Edwin H. Allen
Timmy Allen
Lewis Allen
Blanche M. Allen
Joseph A. Allen
Harley K. Alligood
Rankin Allison
Todd Allman
Michael A. Allman
Lewis Allmon, Jr.
Kathy Allmond
Pauline Almond
Frances M. Almond
William T. Amos
Raymond Amyette, Jr.
Herman Anderson
Tim Anderson
Kim Anderson
John A. Andrew
Thomas Andrew
Tony R. Angel – First Progressive
Cindy Annas
Paul Ansley
Robert J. Antal
Roger Scott Apple
Lloyd R. Apple
James A. Applewhite – First Progressive
Sue Applewhite
Aida Arak
H. Ned Armstrong
Bradley Arrowood
Wayne Arrowood
John B. Ashe
Ben V. Askew
Worth Askew
Louis Atchison
Walter Atlas
Tom D. Atwood
Jerry L. Austin – Fifth Progressive
Geneva T. Austin – Fifth Progressive
Dorothy B. Austin
Quinton J. Austin
Demery M. Austin
Alan M. Auten
G. Raz Autry
Phillip L. Avis
Sanford P. Aydlett
J. Michael Badger
Vincent Baker
J. D. Baldree
Margaret Baldree
Harry N. Baldwin
Dale Baldwin
William H. Ballard
Allen H. Bandy
Artie E. Banks
Robert Barbe
Carolyn Barbe
Wilson J. Barbee
Gail B. Barbee
Joseph Todd Barber
Durwood Barbour
Susie Bare
Curtis J. Bare
M. Ray Barker, Jr – First Progressive
W. Anthony Barkley
Jack Barnes
Robert R. Barnes
Donald Barnes
Governor R. Barnes
Virginia M Barney
Curtis. A. Barnhill – Second Progressive
William V. Barnwell
June L. Barnwell
Diane Barrett
George L. Barrier, III
Guy Barriger
Clyde Barringer
Thomas George Barry
Scott Barwick
Trudy Bass
R. Alden Bass
Nick Bass
Hoyt Baswell
Harold Bateman – First Progressive
Jerry S. Bates – First Progressive
Joseph E. Batkoski
Sharon Batkoski
John Batson
William H. Batterman
Deborah Battle
Brooks Baxley
William E. Bayless
Linda D. Bayless
Kenneth R. Beach, II
Gary Beam
Jarvis Beaman
Tom Bean
Billy Beard
John B. Beasley
Richard Beasley
Ralph G. Beaver
Jack Bebber
Chris Beck
Donald R. Beck
James D Beckom
Guy Bedford
Edward P. Bell
Walker Bellamy
Morris Bellick
Ron Beltran – First Progressive
Barbara Beltran
Mark Benfield
Robert Bennett
Renea Bennett
Gene Bennett
Herb Bennett
Rebecca Bennett
Bill Benson
John Benson
Jean Bentley
Beulah H. Bentley
Martin Bergin
Kenneth G. Berrier
J. Clifton Berrier
Kenneth Berry
Johnny E. Berry
Bob Biesecker
John T. Biggers
Carlyle Biggs
Mike Bird
James E. Birdwell
Bill Bitters
Ruth H. Black
Vaughn Black
Shirley R. Black
Clifton E. Black
Alton Blackard, Jr.
Marvin Blackburn
Wilson Blackmon
Howard E. Blackwelder
Ray Blackwelder
Eugene W. Blackwelder, Jr.
Steve Blackwell
William M. Blaine
Roy Blake
Robert L. Blaney
Paul R. Bledsoe
John A. Blue
George Board
William Bobbitt
Marjorie Bodenheimer
James Boehm
Russell Boggs
Mary C. Boggs
Clarence Bohler
David James Bolick
Chester Bollenbecker
Hal Bond
Alton Boone – First Progressive
Ron Boone
James R. Boone
James E. Boone
Brooks T. Boone
Joseph A. Boone
William J. Booth, Jr.
Rod Bosse – First Progressive
Claude W. Bost
Shelton W. Bowen
Jimmie C. Bowers
Ronald G. Bowers
Dennis Keith Bowersox
Harold E. Bowles
Haven H. Bowman – First Progressive
Dewey A. Bowman
Hazel M. Box
Bobby R. Boyd
David C. Boyd, Jr.First Progressive
Charles J. Boyle
James S. Boyles
Stuart M. Boyles
Major General Tom Braaten, Ret.
Conley Bradley
Philip R. Bradley
Ken Brady
Harold Brandhuber
Mercedes N. Brandt
Donald Brannock
Farris A. Brantley
William C. Brantley
Clyde Robert Brawley
W. Mark Breeden
Terry Brest
Frank Brickhouse
Shelton Bridgers
Max D. Briggs
Jack D. Briggs
David R. Brinkley
Robert E. Brinkley
Charles Brittain
Tommy M. Brooks – First Progressive
Brady Brooks
I. Frank Brooks, Jr.First Progressive
Albertino Brovelli
Dale Brown
Dalmas L. Brown
Philllip Brown
Linn Brown
John O. Brown
James (Jim) A Brown
Thomas Brown
James E. Brown
Shaw Brown
William L. Brown
Russ Brown
Robert Brown
Cecil Brown
F. Roger Brown
James Dwight Brown
Leon Brown, Jr.
Jack Bryan
Ray Michael Bryan
Robert K. Bryant – First Progressive
Charles H. Bryant
John Bryson, Jr.
Ken Bucher – Fourth Progressive
Denning T. Buchter
Charles Buckley
Ralph Bull
Nancy Bullard
Ron Bullock
Max Bumgardner
Clyde R. Bumgarner
Glenn E. Bunch, Jr.
Charles Bunn
Bennett Bunn
Tijuana Burch
Jennifer Burgess
Tommy R. Burgess
Mark Burgess
Bonnie Burkett
Joe F. Burks
Clayton F. Burleson
Judy Burnette
William Joseph Burns
Robert Burrage
Claude F. Burrows
Edward Burt III
Richard Burts, Jr.
John Arthur Busbee
Martha L. Butler – First Progressive
Dave Butler – Second Progressive
Gary Butler
Judi Butler
Jimmy Butler
Thomas M. Butner
Lenny ByczynskIFirst Progressive
Don Byerly
Sarah C. Byerly
Gail Byerly
Harry J. Byers
John L. Byrum
McAuley C. Byrum
Bernice Byrum
Reid Cagle
James Cahill – First Progressive
Rosalie Cahill
Lawrence J. Caison
Cicero Hillery Caison
Nolan Caldwell
Ray Von Caldwell
Beth H. Caldwell
Earl Calhoun
Marvin Calloway
Tony CamaionIFirst Progressive
Leo Canfield
George A. Cannon
John H. Cansler, Jr.
Robert T. Cantrell
Jimmie Cantrell
D. C. Cantrell
Joyce Cantrell
Leland Cantrell
Bob Carey
Thomas H. Carlson
Gary Lee Carpenter
Valerie M. Carpenter
Mark Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
E. Walker Carriker
Patricia Carroll
Robert H. Carroll
Larry E Carroll
Edward T. Carter
Parnell Carter
Ed Carter
Thomas A. Carter
Hubert L. Carter
Stanford Carter
Brooks Carver
Carl Casciere
J. W. Case – First Progressive
Mark Case
Paul L. Cashion
David L. Casner
Roy Casper
Philip Castrovinci
Robyn W Cauble – First Progressive
Terry Cauble – Second Progressive
Leslie Cori Cauble
William Bill Caudill – Third Progressive
Josephine S. Caudill
J. D. Caudle
June Caudle
George Caudle
Evans L. Caudle
Jim Caudle
Pedro Cayado, Sr.
Tony Cecere – First Progressive
Shirley Chafee
Melvin W. Chaffin
Arnold S. Chamberlain
Harold Chambers
Harold Chambers
Mike Chambers
Randy Champion
Betty Champion
D. Carlyle Chandler
James Chandler
Harry W. Chaney
Weaver C. Chapman
Virginia G. Chapman
A. A. Chappell
William L. Charlton
Marie Chatham
Gary Chatham
Robert Cheadle
John Cherry
James A. Cherry
William “Buddy” Chesson
Dave Childers
Jerry Childers
David Childers
Eugene Chosy
Dean Christensen
Otis Church
Gilbert Clapp
Randal Clapp
Charles Clark
Allen Dale Clark
Sidney R. Clark
Lori H. Clark
George Clay, III
Robert G. Clayton
Andrea H. Clayton
Rodney H Clement
Gerald Clements
John H. Cline
Charles Cline
Hugh W. Clinkscales
Boyce W. Cloninger
Frances Coates
Bruce C. Coats
Truman E. Cobb
Robert Cobb
Michael R. Cobb
Steve Cobb
Bobbi O. Coble
Harry M. Coble
Steve Cochran
Gene Cocke
C. Earl Coker
Valerie Colborn
Clarence Cole
Ruth L. Cole
Susan S. Cole
Bob Cole
N. M. “Ford” Coleman
Butch Coley
Gail C. Colford
Lawrence Larry Colford
Nancy R. Collette
Herbert N. Collins
Cecil R. Columbus
Fred Combs
Jim Comito
Donald J. Conner
David E Conner
Charles Franklin Connor, III
C. R. “Butch” Conrad – First Progressive
Larry Cook
Willis Cook
James H. Cooke
Robert J. Cooper
John Cooper, Jr.
Blaine Corrick, Jr.
Max G. Cotton – First Progressive
Donald Cotton
Mike Covell
Larry Covington
Jerry Cox – First Progressive
Ronald Cox
Barbara Cox
Kenneth A Cox
David A Cox
Elizabeth V Coyne
Robert Craft
Ralph Crane
John Crane
Claude Crane
David Cranfill
Don Crawford
Ben Creef
Mary H. Creel – Fifth Progressive
Luther V. Creel – Sixth Progressive
Charles Crenshaw
Troy L Croom, Jr.
John J. Cuadrado
George H Culp – Second Progressive
Milton C. Culpepper
Steve Cunnup
John Curl, Jr.
Clayton Curry
Tiney A. Curtis
Thomas H. Curtis
Hiram J. Cuthrell
Bill Cutler
Tom Daggy
Audrey Dailey
Susan Dailey
Fletcher Dalton
Frank Daly
Ronald Daniel
Hobart Daniel
Harris Daniel
Larry Danner
Andrew Darr
Andy Darr
James F. Davenport
Theodore David
Stanley Davidson – First Progressive
William E. Davis – First Progressive
Cynthia B. Davis
F. Eugene Davis
John Davis
Duane Davis
Johnny L. Davis
Evelyn Davis
Willie E. Davis
Henry L. Davis
Ted Davis
Ron Davis
Horace Davis
George Davis
Bill Davis
Henry W. Davis
Earl L. Davis
Joseph R. Davison
Glenn Day – First Progressive
Michael Day
Jerry Day
Donald R. Deal
Lamar Deal
Henry Deal
Joann Deal
Ralph Dean
Bob Dean
Allen W. Deaton
Gloria DeBruhl
Larry DeBruhl
James DeBruhl
Debra L. DeCosta
Amanda R. Dedilla, MD
John B. DeLuca
Lisa Denkins
Dan DeRoner
Frank N. DeVenero
James W. “Jim” DeViney
Michael DeVito
Terry E. Dewese
Paulette Dial
Johnny Dillon
Harvey B. Dillon
Charles A. Dixon
Fred C. Dobey
Reece Doby
C. C. Doby
Caroline Domenig
Phillip S. Donaldson
Charles E. Donaldson
C. Alan Donaldson
Skip Donaldson
Janet Doub
Marvin C. Doub
James C. Doughtie
Gordon Dove, Sr.
Robert Graham Dow
Joe Dowdy
Gregg Drabek
John H. Draughn
L. Bynum Bynum Driggers
Daniel E. Drum
Ray Drum
Ralph Drum
Edna Drye
W. G. Ducker
James F. Dugan
Charles Duke
Tillman Duncan
John Dunnagan
Carolyn Dunning
Gary Dunton
Laraine Dupree – Second Progressive
Elizabeth R. Dupree
Dale Dupree
Franklin T. Dupree, Jr.
Richard E. Durham – First Progressive
KoKo Durham
Charles R Duval
Lester Dwiggins
Robert W. Eadie
Anne H. Earnhardt – First Progressive
W. R. Earnhardt – Second Progressive
Donnie Earnhardt
John W. Earnhardt
Raymond E. Ebert, Sr.
Lillian R. Eckert
William G. Eckert
Jim Edgar
Rose Edgar
Jimmy Edmund
Jim Edmunds
William Edwards
Norma M. Edwards
James R. Edwards
Hubert G Edwards
J. David Edwards
Stanley Edwards
Phil Edwards
Melissa B. Egelnick
Bette Ehren
Claude Eldridge
Joe El-Khouri
Joseph D. Elkins
Wanda Elkins
John Calvin Eller – First Progressive
Frances Eller
Vance Eller
James Everette Ellington
William O. Elliot
Robert Elliott
Clarence Elliott
Marvin L. Elliott
T. W. Ellis
Carolyn Ellis
Raleigh D. Ellis
Mike Elmore – First Progressive
Ben Matheson Elmore, Sr.
Steve Emerson
Donna Engleman
Raymond Engleman
E. E. English – Second Progressive
Casper Eppes
Joe Epps
Curtis Erickson
Bertha E. Erickson
Curtis M. Erickson
Karl F. Ernst – First Progressive
Ed Webb Eskridge
Catherine Eubanks
Sydney P. Eudy
Roger D. Eudy
Jack E. Eulitt
Oscar Evans – First Progressive
Lloyd Wayne Evans
Edgar C. Evans
Davis Elton Evans
Gene Everette
Bill Everhart
Wayne S. Faber – First Progressive
Gil T. Faber
Douglas H. Fairchild
Judy Faircloth
Norman D. Faircloth
Dallas E. Falk
David G. Falk
Bob Farnsworth
Brad Farrah
Larry Farthing
Bill Fender
Kay E. Fenton
Jon B. Fenton
John Ferrill
Mary Fields
Robert C. Fields, Sr.
James E. Filipski
Clyde L. C. Finch
John Fink
Edward S. Finley
John Fish
Ritchie Fishburne
Louise B. Fisher – First Progressive
George E. Fisher – First Progressive
Onree T. Fisher – Second Progressive
John B. Fisher
Barbara (Bobbi) Fisher
Barbara C Fitch
A. M. Fitzsimmons
Gordon D. Flanagan, Jr.
Tommy C Flippin
Robert Kent Flippin
Mike Flora
Ella Flora
Jerry Flory
Melvin Flowers
Edward F. Floyd
Patricia Floyd
Michael B. Folliard
Deborah M. Folliard
Sharon L Fonk
Gayle Ford
Lenual P. Forsyth – First Progressive
Joan Forsyth
U. W. Foster
James F. Foster
Rick Foster
Ralph Foushee
Frank Fowler
Steven T. Fowler
Carlton Bryant Fowler
Harold Francis
Jack H. Frank
Mosley L. Frederick
Ted Fredley
David H. Freeman
Michael A. Freeze
Phil Frick
Irma Frick
John Frier
Jabe Frink
Bernard M. Frink
Eugene A. Froneberger
Robert W. Frye – First Progressive
David Frye
Lester O. Fulcher
Grady S. Fulghum
Otis Fulmer
J. C. Fulp
James T. Fulton
Everett E. “Sam” Furr
Aaron E. Fussell, Sr.
Weddie Gabriel
Stanley D. Gallaway
Paul Galletti
Wallace M. Gamble
Glenda Gandy
Ronald Gantt
Hunter Garbee – First Progressive
Joyce Garbee
W. Monroe Gardner – First Progressive
Jean Gardner – First Progressive
Charles Gardner
David Gardner
Eddie Robert Garmon
Don Garner
Fletcher Ray Garner
Roy “Jack” Garrard
J. A. Garrett
Margaret Garrison – First Progressive
Edward H. Garrison
Paulette Gasperson – First Progressive
Larry F. Gasperson – First Progressive
Henry Gasperson
Donna Gavette
Thomas Mark Gaylord, Jr.
Roland T. Geddie
Geneva M. Gee
Henry C. Gehlke
Barbara M Gehrke
Wade Gentry
Bryan George
Thomas J. George, Jr.
Karen Gerringer
Robert Gibbons
G. Garland Gilbert
Paul Gilgo
Charles Gill
Lillian Gill
Doug Gillispie
Glenn Gilreath
Linda M Gledura
David Phil Glisson
Lottie Glisson
Donald G. Glisson
George D. Glover
Robert L Gobble
Gerald Goforth
Ann Goforth
James W. Goforth
Robert Goins
Edward J. Gomedela
Lewis C. Gooding
Greer Goodman
Bob Goodson
Edna Diane Goodwin
Sam S. Goodwin
Hubert Gore
E. R. Graham
David Grana
Marshall W. Grant
David Gray
H. Reginald Gray
Glen W. Gray
Gibson Gray
Earl Green
Robert W. Green
Bill Green
Albert E. Greene – Second Progressive
Gary P. Greene – Second Progressive
Robert Greene
Oren Greene
Lonnie C. Greene
James B. Greene
Sharon Greene
Bill Greene
Frances Greene
Eva Greene
Margaret Greenwood
Allen L. Greenwood
Mary Gregg
Boyd A. Gregg
Jeffrey Gregg
Frank Greiss
Janet S. Griffey
Richard M. Griffin
Ben Griffin
Gwyn Griffin
Julian C. Griffis, Jr.
Robert L. Griffith
Ester Griggs
Frank Grillo
Shirley R. Grillo
Albert W. Grissom
Joseph Grooms
Terrie Grooms
Gerald S. Grose
F. Gary Gross
Bonnie L. Grubbs
Richard R. (Dick) Gudger
Franklin D. Guerry
Jim Gulledge – First Progressive
Richard L. Gundel
Anne J Gundel
Byron Gurley
Carl R. Gurley, Sr.
Rich Gustin – First Progressive
Blair Gwyn
Thomas E. Habart
Jeff Hadley
William D. Haggerty
Beverly Haggerty
Jack Hagopian
Carroll Haines, Jr.
Howard S. Haithcock
Margaret Hale
E. B. Hale
Rupert Hall
Jack Hall
Ruth Hall
Frankie Hall
Robert S. Hall
John “Danny” Hall
Carle Hall
Franklin G. Hall
J. Keith Hall
Richard Hall, MD –
Paul J. J. Haller
George Hallow
Robert L. Ham – Fifth Progressive
Cathryn Ham
John R. Hamilton, Jr.
Bill Hamlin
Ken N. Hamlin
Atha Mae Hammill
Billy Hammill
Robert Hammond
Harvey H. Hammond
Phil Hampton
Sarah J. Haney
Otis H. Hankins
Charles Hannah
John Hansil
Dick Hanson
Sidney G. Harbison
Joe Hardin
John T. Hardin
Ray W. Hare
Jack Harlan
Gary D. Harmon
Ruth Harper
Dennis C. Harrell
H. P. Harrill
Peggy Harrington
Chuck Harris – First Progressive
Devon Harris
John R. Harris
Edward Milton Harris, Jr.
Richard J. Harrison
Marvin Hart
Robert Hartsoe
M. Lee Harvey
Kathleen Hass
Barry L. Hass
Gene Hassell
Raymond D. Hattan
Robert C. Hausner
Frank Hawfield
Sue Hawkins
Harold Hayes
Ted Hayes
Betty Hayes
Bruce J. Hayes
Hayden Hayes
Steven C. Haynes
John Haynes
Matthew E. Haywood
Alton Haywood
Chris Headley
Charles Heath
Roland Heath
H. W. Heath
James S Heaton
Bernice Hector
Robert Hector
Bobby Gene Hedrick
Carroll A. Hefner
Philip F. Hege
Houston K. Henderson – First Progressive
Tommy W. Henderson
Marcia Henderson
Travis E. Hendren
Clyde Hendricks
H. R. Hendrix
Donald G. Henry – Second Progressive
Gerald J. Henry
Ronald H Henson
Ruth Hensz-Stillwell
Henry Herman
Frank Herndon
James Herndon
Billy Gene Herring – First Progressive
Larry W. Hess
Paul E. E. Hess
Barbara C. Hester – Sixth Progressive
Ralph E. Hester – Sixth Progressive
J. Roger Hester
Ralph Hiatt
Jay Hickes
Ricky Hicks
Will Hicks
Debbie Hicks
E. M. Hicks, Jr.
Harold S. Higgins
Brenda Higgins
Reginald F. Hill
Jennie Jo Hill
Ruby Hill
Gwen Hill
Martha A. Hill
J. Herman Hill (Deceased)
William Philip Hille
Jim Hilliard
Wanda Hilton
Paul L. Hinds
David Hines
William (Bill) Hinnant
W. P. Hinnant, Jr.
Wallace P. Hinnant, Sr.
Jerry L. Hinson – Second Progressive
Betty Hinson
James M Hinson
Larry Hinson
Pat Hinson
Barry Hitchner
Chuck Hixon
Bailey W Hobgood – First Progressive
Arthur J. Hofberg
Jay Hofecker
Sonnya Hofecker
Jean Hoffman
Bill Hoffman
Ebbie N. Hoffman
J. E. Hogan
George Hoke
Dwight Holcomb
Earl R. Holder
William Holder
James D. Holland
Charles Holleman
Jan Holleman
Terry Holliday
James F. Holloman
E. L. Hollowell
W. Herbert Hollowell, Jr.
Ralph L. Holmes
Craven Holmes
W. Casper Holroyd, Jr.
Sharon P. Holston
George Holston, Jr.Second Progressive
Joseph T. Holt
Frank J. Holt
Eugene Honeycutt
Tim Honeycutt
Ottis Honeycutt, Jr.
Gene Hood
Bill Hood
William B. Hoofnagle
Mike Hopkins
Edwin Horhorouny
Magie Hornaday
Joe Hornaday
Ben A. Horne – First Progressive
Charles Horne
Alfred Horney
Daniel J. Houck
David E. Hough
Harriette A. Houser
James L. Houser
Everette Houston
Jack & Jean Houston
John Hovind
Doris Howard
Doug Howard
Jeffery Howard
Cleve W. Howard, MD
Paul Howe
James O. Howell
Johnnie G. Howell
Gail Howell
Tom Howell
Donald F. Howie
J. W. “Red” Hoyle
Vena Hubbard
Jane T. Huber
Ronald L. Huber
Ned Y Hudson
Arthur Hudson
Helen Hudson
Willie S. Hudson
Edmond J. Hudson
Crafton Hudson
Harold Hudson
Larry A. Huffman
Bobby G. Huffman, Jr.
Jerry Huffstetler
Charles Woody Huggins
Robert Hughes
James F. Hughes
Russell A. Hughes
Miles Hughes
J. D. Hughes
Bill Hull
J. Stewart Humphrey
James E. Humphrey
H. L. Hungate
Chris Hunner
Marshall Hunnicutt
C. Armon Hunt
Robert D. Hunt
George F. Hunt, Jr.
Carlita Hunter
Derrick Hunter
Doug Huntley
Joe W. Huntley, Jr.
Ronald Hurlocker
Lacy Hurlocker
Fred T. Huscher
Paul Hutzell
Arnold J. Hyde
Roscoe W. Ingle
Roy C. Ingle
James M. Irvin
Gay H. Irvin
Glen Isenhour
Louise Isenhour
Ray Isenhour
Eubert “Eubie” Isenhour
J. W. Isenhour, Sr.
R. Stine Isenhower
Gerald L. Isley
Millard Goley Isley
Roy L. Isom
D. C. Iversen – First Progressive
Charles R. Ivey
H. Z. Jackson
Skippy Jackson
Edward A. Jacumin
Ted L. James – First Progressive
Nancy James
Tyrone B. James
Angela Jarvis
Betty Jeffords
Harold C. Jenkins – First Progressive
Georgianne Jenkins
John M. Jenkins, III
Richard B Jenkins, Sr.
John C. Jenning
Robert E. Jerabek
Jack L. Jernigan
Sam A. Jernigan
Wade W. Johnson
Bill Johnson
Berry Johnson
Edwin E. Johnson
Jan Johnson
Horace Johnson
A. N. Johnson
Joe Johnson
Samuel H. Johnson
Robert Johnson
Billy P. Johnson
Walton Curtis Johnson
George Johnson
Joe B. Johnson
Hubert M. Johnston
Gail T. T. Jolly
Dudley P. Jones
Robert H. Jones
Ralph L. Jones
Robert B. Jones
Robert Jones
David Jones
MaryEllen Jones
James Jones
I. Wayburn Jones
Ronald Jones
Jeanne Jones
Colin J. Jones
Hugh T. Jones
Mack C. Jones
Thelis G. Jones
W. Frank Jones
J. B. Jones
A. C. Jones
Oscar E. Jones
Channing Jones
L. Merritt Jones, Jr.
Frances R Jordan
Edward H. Jordan
Larry M. Jordon
Ben F. Joyce
Margaret S. Joyce
William Joyce
Harlan Joyce
Willie Ray Joyner
Clarence Joyner
G. Barrett Julian
Herbert A. Justice – First Progressive
Carolyn Justice
Julia R. Justice
Charles E. Justis
John A. Kampe
Hal Kaylor
John M. Kearney
Joyce Keels – First Progressive
Thomas L. Keels
William B. Keener
Jack Keeton
Clifton D. Keith
Ralph “Bud” Keller
Raymond Kelley
Ronald F. Kelly – First Progressive
Jsck Kemeny
Barbara S. Kendrick
Curtis R. Kennedy
Bryant Kennedy
Wayne Kennerly – First Progressive
Shirley M. Kenyon
Frank Kenyon
Jack Kepley
James Kernodle, Jr.
George M. Kerr
Terry Kerr
William S. Ketchie
Leebert N Ketner
Glenn E. Ketner
Robert Ray Ketner
Addie Ketner
Charles Jack Keyes
Warren D. Kidd, Sr.
Jim Kiger
Roger Kimball
C. L. “Bud” Kimball, Jr.
George D. Kimberly
Norman B. Kimbrough
Carl Michael Kimel
Russell S. Kimel
Eugene King
John W. King
Steven Andy King
Alan King
Johnny M. King
Rick Kirby
Bill Kirby
Fred Kirby
Thomas R. Kirby
Brent Kirk
James Bryant Kirkland, Jr.
Guilford Kirkman
Don Kirkpatrick
Richard H. Kissell – First Progressive
Henry L. Kitchens
Ray B. Kluttz
John Knapp
Donald P. Knepper
Gene Knowles
Lee P. Koch, Jr.
Karl Koeppen
Bob Kohler
John Kolka
Kathy Kolka
Edwin E. Koontz
Avery Kornegay
Glen S. Kornegay
Brian A. Kostek
Marc Kouns
Alfred Kratzer
Walter Kraushaar – Second Progressive
Mary Ellen Kraushaar
Charles Kriites
Eugene Krise
Yasmin Kristensen
Alexander K. Krull
Marian Krull
Douglas Kuhna
John W. Kuykendall
Robert L.
Elise R Lach
Sherry Lackey
John Lackey
Alan Lake
Allan D. Lambert
Arnold R. Lambert
Steve Lamberth
Virginia Todd Lamm
G. B. Lamm
Tim Land
Kathryn Land
Frank Landreth
Barbara J. Lane
Doris C. Lane
Richard C. Lane
Frank Lane
Robert Langston
Richard Lanier
Aletha Lanier
Albert B. Lanier, Jr.
Ralph O. Lanier, Sr.
Clyde P. Lanning
Ken Lanter
Paul T Larson
Walter G. Lasater
Harry Lassiter
Jim Latham
John D. Laughlin
Sara Laughter
Christopher E. Law
Claude M Lawing, Jr.
W. F. Lawrence
David J. Lawrence
Pete Lawson
Alice Lazcano
R. West Leary, Jr.
Sherman Leathers, Jr.First Progressive
Mike Leatherwood
A. Roland Leatherwood
Pat Leckey
Martha W. Ledford
Richard A. Ledford
Donald R. Lee
George Lee
Olin D. Lee
Fredy G. Leger
Marvin Henry Leggett
Renie Leinneweber
John Leister
David J. Leonard – First Progressive
Ethel Leonard
J. D. Leonard
Don Leonard
L. Gary Leonard
Ruth M. Leonard
Frank Leppert
Ed L. Leuty
Doyle Levan
Chuck Levinger
Terry L. Lewis
Susan S Lewis
W. Terrell Lewis
Gloria Lewis
Carl Lewis
Layton C Lewis
Ray Lewis
Edgar D. Lide, III
Max E. Liles
Andrew W. Lilliston – Third Progressive
John L. Lilly – First Progressive
Robert G. Lilly
John W. Lindsay
James Lineback
David E. Lineback
Wanda Lineberger
Bob Lineberger
John Paul Lingle
Carl . P. Linn
Charles R. Linville
Stanfield Lioness Club
Indian Trail Lioness Club
Williamston Lions Auxiliary
Dan Little
Hal Little
J. M. Little
Lamar Little
Hoyle Little
Karen Littlefield
Charles Livengood
Jane Livingston
Thomas Livingston
Walter Livingston
Rufe A. Livingston
H. J. Lockhart, Jr.
Robert T. Loeblein
Venson Loflin
Rufus Loftin
W. Brad Logsdon
Tom Long
George W. Long
Willis H. Long
Joseph B. Long
Pat Long
Timothy A. Long
Robert Long
Jefferson P. Lookabill
Angelo Lorusso
Michael Lovelace
Bob Lovette
Milton Lovick – First Progressive
Marty Lowder
Allen Lowrance
Michael Lowrance
Vincent Lowry
David Ludlum
William K. Luety
Vernon Luffman
Dale Luna
Joe R. Lunsford – First Progressive
Carroll Luther
Earl A. Luton
J. Wilford Lyerly
Betty C Lyerly Willis
John Lynde
Joycelyn Lynde
Roy MacHaggard
C. Stuart Maclean
Charles Magness
Adrianne Makowski
Bob Mann
Harry C. Mann
Russell L. Mann
Tommy C. Mann, Sr.
James Timothy Manning
Thomas Mantsch
Aileen Manuel
Matilda J. Marchese – First Progressive
Joe P. Marchese
Kenan Maready
Bobby Markham
John Marko
Robert J. Marley
Ron L. Marley
William C. Marlow
Bill Marlowe
Jerry Marsh
Thomas J. Marsh
Raymond Marshall
Paul E Marth
David Martin – First Progressive
Mike Martin
William R. Martin
Sharon Martin
Hamilton Martin
James W Martin
John B. Martin, Jr.First Progressive
E. J. Martinez
Fred Mas
William “Bill” Mason
Billy L. Mason
Jeanette A. Massengill
Roger F Masson
David P. Mast, Jr.
David Masters
Imedelle Matheny
Earl Matheson
Lois A. Mathews
Vernon Mathews
Wendell Mathews, Jr.
Maxcine Matier
Theresa W. Matthews
Jim Matthews
Cyrus M. Matthews
William Maurer
Jim Maxwell
Samuel P. Maxwell
Luther Maxwell, Sr.
Earl H. May
Barbara Mayes – First Progressive
Jerry Mayes
Debra Sue Mays
Dixie McAdams
Gordon McAdams
Del W McAdams
Charlie McAlister
Wayne McBride
J. Ed McBride
Andy McBride
Kimberly McCall
John McCarter
Daniel J. McCaskill
J. D. McCaslin
Charles Keith McCaslin
Virgle McClure
N. F. McColman
Charles V. McCrary
Richard McCurry
Ronald E. McDaniels
Leo McDonald
Bob McDowell
Frank H. McDowell
Duncan McDuffie
Frank McFadden
Kirby McFarland
Boyd McGee
Clarence McGee
Ken McGinnis
Ernest P. McGlothlin
Wayne McGohan
Peggy McGohan
Alton J. McGraw
Marie McGuinness
Don McIntyre
James M. McIntyre
Lester F. McKee
Frank Ellis McKee
Worth McKeel
Barbara McKenzie
Herbert McKenzie
Jim McKenzie
Eugene McKethan
Norma Jean McKinney
Bob McKoy
Patrick McLaren – First Progressive
Stephen . B. McLaurin
Bernard McLeod
William McLeod
Frank McMahan
Floyd McMillan
William B. McNary
Carroll McNeely
John McNeil
Raymond G McPherson
Rick McRary
Harold L. McSwain
Robert M. Meacham
James L. Mecum
Julie Medefindt
Jesse Carl Medlin
Nathan Medlin
Tom Meekins
Max Meeks
Fred Mellon
Russell Melton
William L. Meredith, Jr.
Janet Merkle
Joseph J. Merkle
Jerry Mertz
Wallace Messer
Doris Messer
Glenn Messer
Jim Metcalfe
Carlton V. Metts – First Progressive
Anne Metts – First Progressive
William D. Metts
Richard Meyer
Bob R. Michael
Louis Midgett
Donna Mikles
Warren N Miller – First Progressive
Sylvia C Miller – Second Progressive
James Miller
Jackie Miller
David Miller
William D Miller
H. M. (Bud) Miller
Dora J. Miller
John T. Miller, III
William B. Miller, Jr.
Hebron Mills – First Progressive
Monty Mills
Harold L. Mills
Ed Mills
Charles Mills
William Bill Mills
G. Gerald Millsaps
Angela Millsaps
Ina Mae Mintz
Charles Miracle
Waddell Mitchell
Shelia Mitchell-Sasser
Ranjana N. Mitra
Frank Mizak
Nina Mizelle
Chris Monroe
Gregory J. Monteleone
Michael Montgomery
William Moore
Aubrey Moore
June Moore
Bobby E Moore
Glenn Moore
Terry M. Moore
Myron Moore
Lois Moore
Robert Mitchell Moore
William B. Moore
A. B. Moore
Willard D. Moore
A. E. “Red” Moore
Virginia S. Moore
Bob Moorehead
Kay Moorehead
Whitaker Moose
Hoy Moose
Jeannette E Moran
William E. Moran
Melvin K. Morgan
Jesse Morgan
Robert L. Morgan, Jr.
Kenny Morgret
Maretta Mori
Susan L. Morris
Leon Morris
Jack M. Morris
Harvey Morris
James I. Morris, Jr.
Robert E. Morrison – First Progressive
William “Bill” Morrison
Wade C. Morrison
Fern A. Morrison
Hubert M. Morrow
Thomas Morrow
Evelyn S. Morse
A. Evelyn Morse
Sharon Moser
James T. Moss
A. Dan Moss
David Mullaney
Ralph Mullis
Theresa Munyon
Archie Lee Murph
J. Philip Murph
Martin Murphy
Billy M. Murphy
Nancy Murray
Frank Murray
Earl Musselwhite
A.W. Myers
William O. Myers
Roy Lee Myers
Gary C. Nash
Marx Nathan
A. Y. Neel
Dorothy Neely
Helen G Nelon
Claude R. Nelon
Edwin Nelson – First Progressive
Leslie C. Nelson
Anne NeronIFirst Progressive
Richard Neville
Phyllis Newman
William Newsom
Dot Nichols – First Progressive
Karin Nichols
John R. Nichols
John Nickolous
Don A. Niebling
Denise Nixon
James R. Noble
Christopher R Norcross
John Norman
James C Norrell
Eugene T. Norris
Elbert L. Norris
Mike North
Kenneth W. Norton
Robert Norton
Rick Norton
John G Nunn
Jessie E. Oates
George D. Ohm – Second Progressive
Phyllis T. Ohm
William O’Kelly
T. C. Olive
Keith Oliver
Billy B. Oliver
B. B. Oliver
Gerald “Jerry” Olsen
Bettie Jean Olsen
Dolores O’Malley – Third Progressive
John J. O’Malley – Third Progressive
Lester O’Neal
Roy F. Ormand
George Osborne
Grover Osborne
William Osborne
David R. Osborne
Doris Outen
Melvin L. Outen
Frank Overbey
Robert Overby
Mildred Overby
Clinton Overby
Graham Overby
Larry Overby
Dean Overman
Bennie Overton
Bess Owen
John M. Owens – Second Progressive
Douglas Owens
Wilbur Owens
L. P. Owens
Larry Pace, Sr.
William Packer
Mitchell A. Padgett
Raymond Padon
Fred Paffrath
Mary K. Pahren
Lester Painter
Richard Pait
Jay Palmer
Sarah K. Palser
Robert “Bob” Pancoast
Bruce Parizo
Kay W Parker
Earl R. Parker
John F. Parker
James F. Parker
Clarence Parker
Gary Parker
William T. Parker
Dwight Jack Parker
Benijamin B Parker
Johnny R. Parker
Ralph Parker, Sr.
Ray Parkinson
Roy A. Parkman
Paul Lewis Parlier – First Progressive
Rachel Parlier
Luther M. Parris
Gladys Parris
Fred Parrish
Bill Parrott
Robert L. “Bob” Parsons
Glenn Pasour
R. J. Pate
Fred Patterson
Hal P. Patterson
Lawrence Randal Patterson
Michael Patton
Thomas Pawelko
Jean Pawelko
Mary F. Payne
Hugh Payne
Reuben E Payne
Tommy E Payne
Randy Pearce
William M. Pearce
Sulton Pearsoll
Rob Peay, Sr.
Harry Peck
Keith Peedin – First Progressive
Jana Underwood Peedin
James L. Peeler
Forrest E. Peeler
Charles Peeler
Roseann Pena
Nicholas Pence
George Pendergraft
Paul Pendry
Don M. Peninger
Guy K. Penland
Joe Penland
Caroline Pennell
John W. Pennell
Samuel A. Penninger
David R. (Bob) Peoples
Allison Perez
Bradley Lee Perham
C. Ronald Perkinson
Cleveland Green Perry
Ronald J. Perry
Richard Perry
Ricky A Perry
Gene Perry
Walter F. Perry
Armando “Andy” Pesce
Yolanda Peters
Adam Peters
Rosemary A Petersen
Darwin “Pete” Peterson
David Petrie
John Petrizzi
Lacy Petty
Roberta Pfizenmayer
Julian Phelps
Lucille Phifer
Curtis Phifer
Clifford Phillips
Larry Phillips
Stanley Phillips
Alwyn H. Phillips
Delbert Phillips
Edward Phillips
Henry C. Pierce
Mary Louise Pierce
Howie Pierce
Richard Perry Pierce, Sr.
Wilbur A. Pike – Second Progressive
Otha Piper, Jr.
Lacy R. Pittman
Harold F. Pitts
Helen Plummer
Fred Y. Plummer
Lucy Plyer
Boyd C. Poe
Keith Poindexter
Robert D Pollard
John W. Pollard
George Pollock
W. Roy Poole – First Progressive
Linda T. Poole
Teresa Poole
M. Paul Poole
Gwen Poole
Walter Roy Poole, Jr.
James S. Pope
Lloyd A. Pope
Eugene Porter
Donald L. Porter
Tom Poston
John A. Potts
Clarence H. Powell
Alwood A. Prescott
Esther S. Presnell
Lacy M. Presnell, III
Lacy M. Presnell, Jr.
Don E. Pressley
R. Tyler Presson, Jr.
Mace Prevattte
Harry J. Prevette
Milton S. Price
Jeffrey H. Price
Alice Price
Eli Price
Ramona Price
Marie Price
Donald E. Price
Bill Price
Mary Price, MD
David Proctor
John Propst – First Progressive
Evans Propst
C Ray Pruette
Leon Pryor
J. O. Puett, Sr.
Bennie Pugh – First Progressive
Midge Pugh
Grady R. Pulliam, Jr.
Earl Purkerson
David Putnam
Glen C. Pyatt
L. D. Queen
Sara Queen
Kenneth Queen
Bob Quinn
George Raad
Bill Rabb
John E. Rabideau
Michael Rackley
Richard L. Ramey
Jack A. Ramsey
Tony C. Randall
Barbara Randall
William Randlett
Robert Rasberry, Jr.
John A. Ratliff
Linda Ratschan
Betty Rauch
Charles K. Rausch
Chester G. Rawls
Truett Ray
Albert Ray
Rick Raynor
L. A. Raynor
Davis Reams
Oscar I. Rearick
Joy B. Reavis
Hugh L. Reavis
William P. Reboli, Jr.
Numa D. Redmon, Jr.
Hyeson Reed
Glen Reed, Jr.
Robert Reese
Antha Reid
Mike Reid
W. G. “Buck” Reid
James Reid
Allen Reinhardt – First Progressive
Bill Reinke
Lola C. Reinsch
William Reissner
Catherine Revels
Gwen Rhoades
Charles G. Rhyne
Richard Ribet
Jean Rich
Van Rich
Robert Richards
Nigel “Doc” Richardson
Tom Richardson
Street Richardson
Bill Riddle
Ernest Ridenhour
David Riegelman
Joseph B. Riffle
T. Marshall Riggins
Robert Riker
John F. Rink
Leonard A. Ritchie
Foy Ritchie
Paul W. Ritchie
Heath F. Ritchie
Edna Ritter
Jim Robb, III
John Robbins
S. Aldeen Robbins
Rex Roberson
Glynn Roberson
Jeannette T. Roberts
Edward Roberts
Wayne B. Roberts
Donald L. Roberts
Jimmy Roberts
Charles B. Roberts
Brewer Roberts
W. R. Robertson
Richard H. Robertson
John Robinson
Harold B. Robinson
Roland Robinson
R. Wade (Bob) Robinson
James C. Roddey
Clayton D. Rodgers
Mary N. Rodriguez
Wilton D. Rodwell
Richard W Rogers
Robert Rogers
Helen C. Rogers
David Rogers
Tom Rogers
Bob Roland
Pat Roland
Randy Roller
Chuck Romine
Lester O. Roof, Jr.
Patsy R. Rose – First Progressive
Don Rose
Harvey L. Rose
Doug Rosebrough
John Carl Rosser
John C. Rosser, Jr.
Henderson Rourk, PID
Ben D. Routh, Sr.
Ralph J. Rowe
Kentie C. Rowland
Nelson Rowland
Mary E. Royal
Mack C. Royal
Charlie Royce
Angela Rubnich
Polly Ruckart
Dana H. Rucker
Bill Rucker
Harry Rudolph
James M. Rumbold
Bennie Rumfelt
Clyde Rummage
Nancy M. Rummage
Penny Rummel
Arlie Rushing
George Russ
Bill Russell
Hugh M. Russell
William G. Russell, III
John Ryan, Jr.
Maureen Sabbagh
Michael G. Sabbagh
Ted E. Sain
Robert H Saks
John W. Sampson
John A. Samuel
Dwight Sanderford
Kevin Sanders
Roy A. Sandlin
Lawrence H. Sandy
George Sandy
Donald F. Sapp
James H. Sasser
James E. Sauer
Jean Y. Saunders
Mary E. Savvas
Harry P. Savvas
R. Oran Sawyer
Grover L. Sawyer
Janice R. Scarborough
Sandy W. Scarlett
Richard Schaefer
William R. Schaffer
Lois Schenck
Donald Schenck
Robert H. Schenker
David R. Scherzer
Vincent Schimmoller
Frank G. Schlier
Daniel H. Schmidt
Carroll H. Schroeder
Stan M. Schwartz
Betty Lou Schwartz
Mike H. Schwartz
Albert Schwarz
Michaelle Sciberras
Franklin D. Scott
Richard Scoville
Judy Scruggs
Sid L. Scruggs, IIISecond Progressive
Jamie Sealey
Benjamin Sealey, Jr.
Douglas H. Sears
Carl V. Sechriest
Debra Seipel
William Seldomridge
Harold D. Sellers
John E. Selph
James R. Semple
Deborah Senger
David Sentell
Lloyd M. Senter – First Progressive
Judy Setzer
Dale Bruce Setzer, Sr.
Judi Seymour
Doris Shadle
Jane Shaffer
William B. Shannon, MD
Cecil Sharitz
William M. Sharpe
Maude B. Shatley
Billy Joe Shatley
Betty S. Shaver – First Progressive
F L. Shaver
Frank Shaver
Conrad Shaw
Jackie Shaw
Doug Shaw
Dale Shaw
Paul Shaw
Anne Shaw
Bernie Shear – First Progressive
Diane Shear
Rena Shedrick-Marshall
Russell Sheets
George Sheets
Tamara G. Sheline
Steve Sheline
Sandra Shelton
George P. Sherman
Holton B. Sherrill
Mac Sherrill
Michael A. Shimanski
David Shimberg
Tanya L. Shire
Ann Shivers
Edward D. Shivers, IIIFifth Progressive
Sammy Shoaf
Elizabeth Shoemaker
Gordon L. Shoemaker
Robert A. Shook
Jerry Shope
Newton Short
Kally P. Shuart – First Progressive
James C. Shuart – Second Progressive
Bill Shugart
Charles Shull
Lubys Shumate
Earl Sides
Charlie A. Sides
Herbert R. Sieger – First Progressive
John Andrew Siegrist
Charles Sigmon
Blake Sigmon
Dwight W. Sigmon
Rita Sigmon
Roger Silcox
Anthony Silveri
Joe Silvers – Second Progressive
Pat Silvers
Hub Simmons
Lee Simmons
Pat Simmons
Kenneth Simmons
Blue Simmons
Timothy Simpson
John & Ida Sink
Charles Foy Sink
Terry Lee Sink
John L. Sipes
Otis. W. Sisk – First Progressive
Noah W. Sites
Jean Sjoquist
Robert S. Skillman
Hamilton A. Slate
John E. Small
James R. Smallwood
Paul J Smigiel
Charles D. Smith – Second Progressive
Johnsie Smith
Bill Smith
Kenneth Smith
Gary Smith
Richard M. Smith
Mary Alice Smith
Alice M Smith
Howard C. Smith
Inez Smith
William C. Smith
Luther Smith
Elsie Smith
Sharon Smith
A. Paul Smith
W. Leo Smith
Don H. Smith
E. Earle Smith
Walter J. Smith
Joseph W. Smith
Harrison Smith
Martha L. Smith
Robert W. Smith
Bobby Smith
Walter L. Smith
Percy M. Smith
Bil Smith
David D. Smith
Herbert A. Smith
Kenneth Smith
Jerry A. Smith
Lucille Smith
Warren L. Smith
William Smith
Yolanda G. Smoot
David Smoot
Bob Smyre
Bobbi Sneed
Charles Snell
Paul Snider
Tom Snivley
Milton D. Somers
Nick Somma
Floyd Souther
Billy Southern
Roy Southern
Pat Soutullo
Charlotte Soutullo
Louise Weeks Sowell
Roscoe Speight
Preston Spence – First Progressive
Robert E. Spencer – Fifth Progressive
Elizabeth Spencer – Fifth Progressive
Leon P. Spencer – Third Progressive
T. J. Spencer
J. P. Spencer, Jr.
Edgar Spicer
James M. Spivey
Donald Spratt
Carolyn Sprinkle
Robert Sprinkle
Laura Spruill
Cecil James Squires
Stan Stafford
William “Bill” Stakias
Ron L. Staley – Sixth Progressive
Sallie B. Staley
Dan Stallings
Emma Leigh Stallings
E. Howard Stallings
Ray A. Stancil
Mike Stanley
William Staudenmaier
Harold R. Stebel
William D. “Bill” Stedman
Patrick Steed
David A. Steegar
Elizabeth R Steele – Second Progressive
Gary L Steele – Second Progressive
Kent Steele
John Steele
Robert Hall Steele
W. Locke Steele
Thomas H. Steele
Robert Steepe – First Progressive
Andrew Steever
Robert F. F. Stephan
Jack Stephens – First Progressive
Lynn Stephens
Algie Stephens
Ann Stephens
William H. Stevens
L. M. “Mitch” Stevens
Sherida L. Stevens
Rex Stevens
D. Edgar Stevens
Charles B Stevens III
John A. Stevenson
Mary Lou Stevenson
Marshall Stevenson
Roy Stewart
William Stewart
Jennie Stickley
John H Stillgebauer
Bill Stirewalt
Don Stirewalt
Stella Stirewalt
Larry Stocker
Lewis S. Stokes, Jr.
Tim Stone
Ray Stone
Phonso Stone
Boyd R. Strain
Sammie Stratton
Frank T. Street
James O. Stricker
Edward Strickland
Hardy W. Strickland
Sallie Strickland
W. Clayton Strickland
James S Strong
Harold Strong
C. Frank Stroud
Johnny Stuart
Harry L. Sturgis
Thomas Styers
William Styers
Melvin D. Styons
Ofelia Subervi
Felix J. Subervi, Jr.
George Suggs
Ralph Sullivan
Julian H. Sullivan
Lorraine Sullivan
Stan Sullivan
Dean Sullivan
L. Neil Summers
George T. Sumpter
Donna J. Supinger
Ron B Supinger
William Kenneth Suther
John A. Suther
Nell Sutherland
Rick Sutton
Verlon Swafford
Terry Allen Swaim, Jr.
Marion Swann
Thomas B. Swindell
Franklin Swing
Jerry E. Sykes
Judy Sykes
Warren Tait
Kenneth Talley
William “Bill” Tally
Graham A. Tannery
Eric Tannery
Gerry Tarabokia
Johnny Tart
E. Wayne Taylor
James Taylor
Diane Taylor
Gilbert S. Taylor
C. Fletcher Taylor
Gene Taylor
Bill Taylor
John W Taylor
Mitchell A. Taylor
C. Van Teague
Bobby Teague
Joseph B. Tedder
James C. Telford
Jule Terrell
Gil Thadani
Alex C. Thannikkary
John F. Thole – First Progressive
Raeford A. Thomas
John W. Thomas
John Thomas
Efird N. Thomas
Jerry Lee Thomas
Allan E. Thompson – First Progressive
Bob C. Thompson
Robert M. Thompson
Buck Thompson
Barbara Thompson
Henry E. Thompson
Wayne R. Thonen
Ruth E. B. Thonen
Clarence W. Thornburg
Eugene Tiddy
Russell M. Tiller
Curtis C. Tillotson, Jr.
Robert J. Tillson
Steve C. Timberlake
Alan Tingen
Lori Tingen
Clyde B. Tingen
David A Titus
Viola Titus
Robert Tomlinson
Sharon Tongbua
Martin D. Townsend
Charles W. Townsend
Helen Trevathan
Ira Triplett
Charles W. Triplett
John Triplett, Jr.
Braxton Troublefield – First Progressive
Sarah Troublefield – First Progressive
Ernest Troutman
James N. Trowbridge
Bill Trueblood
Harold Truelove
Allen S Truhan
James E. Tucker
Clifton Tucker
Peggy B. Turner
William Turner
Winfred L. Turner
Robert Turpin
Terry T. Tutor – First Progressive
Michael A. Tyson – First Progressive
Bill Udovich – Fifth Progressive
Donna Udovich
Ralph Umphlett
Gary Underwood
Avron B. Upchurch
Oliver D. Upshaw
James Valsame
Ethel Van Der Vliet
Larry Van Der Vliet
William T. Van Lowe – First Progressive
Robert Van Orden
Linda Van Vleet – First Progressive
Morris Van Vleet
Richard VanBenthuysen
Norman E. Vandeveer
Dan W Vann
Janet Vaughan
Paul Vaughan
Mary Rose Vaughn
Julian Venable
Art Vernon
Randy W. Vickers – Second Progressive
Charles P. Vion, Sr.
Phillip M. Vito
Walter Vosburgh
Steve Waddell
James D. Wade
Joseph R. Wade
Lenore Wade
Carl B. Wagner
Richard Wagoner
John Walker
Pauline Walker
William E. Walker
Steve L. Walker
Patti T. Walker
Dotti Walker
Rachel Walker
James R. Walker
Melvin E. Walker
John B. Wall – First Progressive
J. Brad Wall
Betty C. Wall
Robert Wallace
Donnie Wallace
Dorothy R. Wallace
Raymond A. Wallace
William A. Wallace
Howard R. Wallace
Noah W. Waller
Steven D. Wallin
Lena Z. Wallin
Willis H. Walser
James A. Walston
Robert Walton
Harriett Edmunds Walton
Robert M. Ward – First Progressive
Thomas L. Ward
David B. Ward
Henry Ray Ward
Stan Warm
Harold L. Warner
Ray Warren
I. Miller Warren
Bill Warren
C. Ray Warren Sr.
C. R. “Chuck” Warren, Jr.
George S. Warren, Jr.
Wayne Waters
Dallas G. Waters
Penny J. Watkins – First Progressive
Charles Watson
Gil Watson
Carolyn Watson
Kenneth W. Waugh
William L. Waycaster
Lillian J. Waycaster
Winnie M Weatherly
Gerald L. Weathers
Robert E. Weaver – First Progressive
Judy Webb
Warren R. Weber
Glenn A. Weddington – First Progressive
Sharon Weddington
Carlton Weeks
Carol Weeks
Donald G Weir
Willie D. Welborn
Alysia Wells
Cloy J. Wells
Fred Wengel
Ed West
Ethel West
Marie L. West
Kenneth R. West
Virginia West
Wallace I. West
Billy West
Edwin L. West
Linda Westbrook
Larry Wester
Louann Wester
Diane Westerbeek – First Progressive
Pieter J. Westerbeek
Sidney Wheatley
Charles Wheeler
Ann Wheeler
J. Lemar Wheeler
Donald G. Whicker – First Progressive
John While
M. R. “Bud” Whisenhunt
Charles Whisnant
Joe White
George White
Anita White
C. Wilson White
Clarence White
Arthur L. White
Gwen White
Rhett B. White
Kevin White
Lindsay R. Whitehurst
Harry R. Whitener
Jack Whitener
Peter W. Whitener, Jr.
P. W. Whitfield
Harvey F. Whitley – First Progressive
Diane B. Whitley – First Progressive
Paul F. Whitley
Clayton Whitley
William G. Whitley, III
Jack Wichard
Noble E Wickliff
Joseph J. Wiegel
William T. Wiggs
Leonard C. Wilburn
F. Paul Wiles
Chester Wilkins
Janie Willard
Tim Williams – First Progressive
Debbie Williams
Jack Williams
Earl Williams
Frank Williams
Lefty Williams
James A. Williams
Tony G. Williams
T. Bryant Williams
Marilyn Williams
Melvin Williams
Edna S. Williams
James Williams
Norwood Williams
Don Williams
Walter W. Williams
John Vann Williams
R. T. Williams
Gordon M. Williams
Tom Williams
Darrell Williams
Ellie Williams
Tommy Williamson
I. K. Williamson
Cassie Williamson
F. Ray Ray Williard
Judy Williford
J. Clarence Williford
Diane Willingham – Second Progressive
Berkley Willis
Cynthia Wills
Don Wilmoth
Larry Wilmoth
Steve Wilson – First Progressive
Millard F. Wilson
Walter H. Wilson
Boyd Wilson
Floyd Wilson
Frank Wilson
Walter P. Wilson, Jr.
James Winfrey
Kathy Wing
Russell Wing
Hugh Wingo
J. Olin Winters
Julian Winters
John (Max) Wirz
Mary A. Wise
J. Earl Wise
Ken Wise
Jonathan Wishon
George H Withers – First Progressive
Ted Womack
A. E. Wood
Keith Wood
Charles Woodall
John Woodruff
Harvey Woodruff
Jane Woodward
Ginny S. Woolard
William Woolard
Nancy Wooten
William Wooten
Marlene Wooten
Stewart Wooten, Jr.
Douglas T Worsham
Wilton Wortham
J. P. Wortman
Grover C. Wrenn
Michael Wright
Gary Wright
G. Lewis Wright
Aleine Wright
Graham Wright
Steve L. Wright
Philo B. Yancey, II
Anita W. Yates
Gwen Yates
Pete Yates
James M. Yates
Paul H. Yoder
Stephen Yokeley
Dan Yost
Arnold Young
William Young
Franklin Young
Richard Young
Charles Yount
A. C. Yount, Jr.
Nancy C. Younts
Sandra L. Younts
Terry Younts
Charles W. Youse – First Progressive
Betty Yuhas
Paul Zaccarine
Jerry Zamora
Cleo Zemke
Daniel Zumstein

Woolard Partner in Service

The William L. Woolard Partner-in-Service was established in 2001 to honor Past International President William L. Woolard and to create a means of funding the Programs and Services of the NCLF. Donors may be anyone, Lion or otherwise, willing to improve the lives of the blind, visually and/or hearing impaired. Donations to the North Carolina Lions Foundation, Incorporated for this program are tax-deductible and will be allocated one fourth to the current year’s programs and three fourths to the William L. Woolard “Partner-in-Service” Endowment. Each level requires an additional gift of only $200 or $250 until the total of $1,500 is reached. Each donor will receive a letter from the NCLI President with a certificate and a special lapel pin different for each level. Upon reaching the “Partner” level the donor will receive a “Partner-in-Service” Plaque.

Current List of Member Awards

Woolard Partner-in-Service Application

Partner-in-Service Levels

Accumulative Contributions

Scruggs Beacon of Hope

The Sid L. Scruggs, III Beacon of Hope Fellowship is available to any donor who wishes to support campers attending the Camp Dogwood Summer Program for the visually impaired. Donations to the North Carolina Lions Foundation, Inc. for this program are tax-deductible. Each level requires a gift of $200.00. Each donor will receive a letter from the North Carolina Lions President with a certificate and a special lapel pin for each level. Upon reaching the Beacon of Hope level the donor will receive a special plaque. The Beacon of Hope Fellowship is available to Lions and non-Lions. It may be presented by individuals, clubs, employers, family members or bought personally. All contributions are placed in an endowment fund with on the earnings being used.

Current List of Member Awards

Download the Application

Steps to Service
Lamp Lighter
Lighthouse Keeper
Beacon of Hope



Accumulative Contribution